but everyone calls me Den. Hence my stage name Maiden, a union of important meanings, a reminder of the "girl/fanciulla" that I was and that I never want to stop being. Although born and raised in Italy, for some years my heart has been nomadic. I’ve travelled and lived in different latitudes, keeping my eternal passion firmly in place. My career as a designer has distant roots. Validated at an academic level at the European Design Institute in Turin, my profile as an interior designer immediately took an introspective turn: what I was passionate about was not limited to helping people furnishing their spaces according to the style in vogue.

I was first of all interested in their personalities. This is why I decided to combine the fields of design and psychology together. Finding out who we are and who we want to be is a crucial step when designing a home environment. This is why Rediscover Yourself is the phrase I repeat most often during a project. By creating a new home, each of us has the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. If listened to, our unconscious is there to reveal important details about our taste and personality. Under our clothes, behind closed doors, we could find a person unknown to us. This is my mantra; this is the guiding voice that accompanies all my work.



a small reality that I created, of a girl or a young woman who loves to feel her emotions, a palce she does not want to leave. Creating memories with objects from the past brought back to the present.



The choices we make when building our domestic space are the direct reflection of our inner self. The color of the walls, the curtains in our living room, the number of candles: even the tiniest detail of our home both hides and reveals something about us. Which side of ours is our home going to disclose? What is the feeling we want it to covey to ourselves? Which part of our journey are we letting it share with our visitors? There's no unique answer to these questions. There are thousands of options. Our missions is to stand by your side during this intimate quest. We will guide you through each of these queries so we can, together, re-design your space.