2018 / Amsterdam

Our home evolves with us.

Experiment, dare, evolve: those are not just the terms that Maiden often repeats to her customers, they are the principles accompanying her in everyday life. It doesn’t sound surprising that she loves to imagine her house in Amsterdam like a canvas. Her biggest source of inspiration? The street. The romantic avenues of the Dutch capital often become the second-hand fair in which Maiden participates with lively eyes, collecting buried details, objects that some thought were no longer needed. Her place becomes the gallery where these forgotten worlds are exhibited bringing to life suggestive patterns. The faded pages of old books open up from the wall as a deer watches over us in its paper world. Yesterday’s whiskey is now a candle holder, and the wood that once served to complete the drawer of a boiserie, has become today the perfect photo frame. Sun-dried leaves, broken shards, covers torn from The Vogue: how many lives are told in this ever-changing set called home.