Casa S.


It’s not just about the aesthetics but about real emotion.

S. and S. are a couple, they both work from home and have a lively little girl. They contacted Maiden with a simple request: creating a tidy and relaxing environment where to work and live their parents’ lives. When I first visited the apartment I soon recognised their house had great potential: large spaces and lots of light. A wooden wall separates the kitchen from the dining room, giving character to the environment while the pastel green color ensures a serene atmosphere. Our main goal was pretty straightforward: removing the superfluous and leaving the essential. That’s why we agreed upon leveraging container furniture.The result is a balanced environment where every piece of furniture plays a role in preserving a peaceful ambience. Working hand in hand with S. and S. was the key success of this project.We were following the same direction, so the result was doubly rewarding!