2020 / Amsterdam

Home away from home.

There are scents that we carry with us for a lifetime. Smells that take us back to the past to make us relive moments well localized in time. And we feel like children. We feel like we are in love again. The scent of fresh basil brings Maiden back to her parents’ restaurant, to that moment when the shift would end and they would enjoy dad Riccardo’s pizza together. This is probably why, since her arrival in Amsterdam, Mastino has occupied a special place in Maiden’s heart. Contacted by the owner, she entered there to start an interior redefinition project to give the brand a soul. To date, Maiden has never left Novella and her restaurant. She ended up dedicating herself to the complete renovation of the place, a pure Italian corner in the heart of De Pijp. Every detail in Mastino’s design tells us something about Den and her taste. From the rough brick left exposed, to the ocher color that recurs on the walls, to the fig green, well distributed through the vases and the sofa. A warm and welcoming environment that conveys the rustic and authentic character of the most popular Italian pizzerias. Feeling at home away from home: Maiden with this project shows us that it’s possible.