2017 / Amsterdam

Magnify what is invisible to the eye.

In 2017 Maiden carries out a renovation project for a 200mq apartment in Olympiakade, in the East of Amsterdam. This work makes clear to Maiden that finding one’s suitable design walks closely with the reading of one’s emotional profile. Behind the need to renew an internal environment, the desire to cheer up.

Olympiakade becomes proof that often the details which make the difference are those that lie in an old trunk. A house linked to the theme of sharing, which knows how to combine the needs of a couple with those of their children, without sacrificing beauty. An eccentric yet balanced and ergonomic environment, which never leads to banality. Hence the choice of using personalized wallpaper to highlight exotic details: round and yellow lemons tell the stories of the lands of Sicily. The project unravels the inner profile of its tenants. It wants to dare, reveals forgotten areas and shows how, if exploited in the right way, the library we imagined throwing away can turn out to be the perfect bonding element.

Collaboration for wallpaper design: Katarina-Stupavska