2019 / Amsterdam

Less is more.

When Valeria asked Maiden to help her find balance and harmony for her family (a couple, her child a cat and a dog!) in 35 mq, they both knew that it was going to be a great challenge. The place was pretty old, and the erstwhile room disposition was inconvenient for the four of them.
It is so easy to feel lost and confused, especially when there’s a wall between you and your thoughts. Then why not tearing down that wall? This is what Maiden did for Valeria. She knocked down unneeded barriers to optimize the space. She arranged the two main living areas on different levels, so the bedroom is elevated and separated from the rest of the house.
The color choice revolves around pastel tones where sage-green is predominant. Wooden furniture and white details are combined with an exposed brick wall, as a sign of raw, intact perfection.
Valeria and Maiden discovered together that it is in small spaces where a zen atmosphere often loves to hide.